S.Bourassa Ltd. Saint-Sauveur

My market freshness

I take advantage of scale economies
on all fresh products

My local flavor market

Discover the delicacies
from the Quebec terroir…
cheese, delicatessen, fine handmade products!

My organic market

New : Many organic products
have found their way to our shelves, at competitive rates!!

My pleasure market

Product choices that enhance
the pleasures of the table


100% Delectable

Discover handmade products lovingly crafted by Quebec artisans
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Our warehouse type store negotiates savings that are passed on to you, the customers.
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Here’s to your health

Fruits and vegetables organic bursting with flavor and goodness.
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Socially involved

We proudly support our community and buy local whenever possible..
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News and events

Our pride

Our passion for the food industry, it runs in the family!

Founded in nineteen fifty-one by Mr. Roger Bourassa, in Shawbridge, Quebec, S.BOURASSA was passed down to his son Mr. Serge Bourassa in nineteen sixty-five.

Over the years, S.BOURASSA Ltd has grown into one of the most innovative and distinctive supermarkets in the Laurentian area.

Along with his ex-wife and their three children, the Bourassa family has set up four warehouse-style supermarkets in : Saint-Sauveur, Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, Mont-Tremblant and recently, in Mirabel.

To the delight of its customers, staff and the Bourassa family, the tradition of quality, freshness and customer satisfaction is still alive today, more than sixty-five years later.

Implications communautaires

At Bourassa, we care for the community we live and work in. Through volunteer activities and financial support, we are committed to improving the well-being of our community.

Follow the harvest calendar... and eat fresh year-round

With its seasonal arrivals, S. Bourassa grocery store encourages you to enjoy the best of what the season has to offer. Asparagus in spring, strawberries in June, raspberries in July, corn in August, crisp juicy apples in September and all kinds of squash in October. Through agreements negotiated with our local partners, we are proud to offer our customers these great products grown in Quebec, at competitive rates.

So, take the opportunity to stock-up on the freshness in the form of preserves or canings. and capture the best of Quebec ’s flavors to enjoy all year-round. To know more about our seasonal arrivals, regularly visit our website or subscribe to our weekly specials flyer.

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